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July 2022, overseas branch restarts regular offline parties

The last time we met was the New Year's Eve party in 2000. Since then, we have formally established the Officers' Association, made donations to Wuhan to fight against the epidemic, donated to our alma mater students, prepared for the registration of our alma mater, prepared for the website, prepared for the public website, prepared for the inaugural meeting, etc. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to hold offline activities. The Board of Directors has agreed to restart offline alumni gatherings starting in July (currently, three vaccinations are required, participants are required to be more aware of protection and keep social distance, and the venue will be chosen with consideration for ventilation and population density).

Since then, Chinese alumni in Tokyo no longer need to be alone, no longer need to go to their hometown, join the Overseas Chapter App and get together with more than 700 Chinese alumni in overseas. The "Overseas Chapter 15 Nights" will also invite Japanese alumni of the Inamun Club and friends from other Chinese universities' Japanese alumni associations to get together from time to time.

To register, please log in as an Overseas Chapter member (you can register as an individual member on the website) and go to the event page to register. We look forward to seeing you all, no need to miss you, no need to dream about you, the overseas chapter will be our warmest home!

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