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China Alumni Association Overseas Branch Articles

Japanese Reference Translation


Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 The official name of this Association shall be "Waseda University Alumni Association Overseas Branch" and shall hereinafter be referred to as "the Branch".

Article 2 The Branch shall be established as a branch organization of the "China Alumni Association", an overseas branch of the Waseda University Alumni Association, in accordance with the "Regulations of the Waseda University Alumni Association", and shall have no legal personality and shall not have any commercial purpose.

The Branch shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Waseda University Alumni Association in China, and shall carry out its activities with the following objectives

1. To deepen the friendship among alumni.

To carry on the spirit of the Alma Mater.

To contribute to the Chinese community.

The Branch shall be open only to those areas outside of China where there are members of the Waseda University Chinese Alumni Association.

The Branch shall be located in Tokyo.

The operating rules and regulations of the Branch shall be prepared by the Executive Committee and reported to and implemented by the Executive Committee.

Any change in the location of the Branch shall be reported to the Alumni Association of China Secretariat and a record shall be kept.

The relationship between the Branch and the Chinese Alumni Association Chapters shall be one of parallel affiliation, with Chinese nationals or Chinese alumni of Chinese origin as the main members, but there shall be no limitation on nationality.

Other branches of the Chinese Alumni Association and this Branch may mutually become members and officers of each other and mutually support each other in various activities.

Article 5. The mission of the Branch shall be as follows

To support the Alma Mater

To promote friendship among alumni

Contribute to the local community

To promote the public welfare

5. To enhance professional development

6. To promote culture.

The Board of Officers of the Section shall be the Executive Committee, and the final decision-making body shall be the Membership Convention (General Assembly).


Chapter 2 Membership

Membership of the Chapter shall be as follows

1. Individual members: Those who agree with the purpose of the Waseda University Alumni Association of China and Article 4 above, and who have graduated or left the undergraduate, graduate, related educational institutions, or colleges of technology of their alma mater, or who are Chinese or overseas Chinese faculty members of the related institutions of their alma mater. ), and who have been approved by the Executive Committee, will become individual members of the Overseas Branches. They may also become members of the Waseda University Chinese Alumni Association at the same time.

2. Group Membership: Any public or private organization that has a close relationship with Waseda University Alumni that agrees with the objectives of the Branch may become a group member of the Branch. In addition, one member representative may be appointed to exercise such membership.

3. Supporting Member: Any organization or individual who regularly supports the activities of the Subcommittee may become a Supporting Member.

Admission as a Supporting Member shall be made upon written application, approved by the General Membership Meeting, and upon payment of a sponsorship fee.

Each member (member representative) shall have the right to vote, to be elected and to be removed from office, and each member (member representative) shall have one right.

Supporting members shall have no rights under this Article.

Article 9. Members shall be obligated to comply with the Constitution and Resolutions of the Subcommittee.

Article 10. If a member violates the laws and regulations of his/her country or China, the Chinese Alumni Association and the Constitution of the Branch, or fails to comply with the resolutions of the General Membership Meeting, the member shall be warned or expelled from membership by a resolution of the General Membership Meeting.

A member who is disqualified or expelled from membership by a resolution of the General Membership Meeting shall be deemed to have automatically resigned.

Members who are not automatically conventioned shall submit the reason for their resignation in writing to the Executive Committee.

Members of the Society shall not be required to pay membership fees, but shall accept donations from corporations, organizations, and individuals.

The operation of the SPA and the use of funds shall be based on the principle of openness and transparency, and shall be supervised by the Board of Directors of the Chugoku Alumni Association, the Sub-Committee Executive Committee, and the General Membership Meeting.


Chapter 3 Officers

Article 15 Organization and Authority

1. 1 President

2. 2 Vice Presidents

One Secretary General

One vice secretary-general

5. A few secretaries

2 Auditors

7. A few honorary advisors

8. A few advisors

Article 16 Duties of Officers

1. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Section internally and shall represent the Section externally.

2. The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her daily duties, and in the absence of the President, act for the President in performing his/her duties.

The Secretary General shall assist the President and execute the duties of the Sub-Committee in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Secretaries.

4. The Vice Secretary General shall assist the Secretary General and act for the Secretary General in the absence of the Secretary General.

5. The Secretaries consist mainly of members who are enthusiastic about the activities of the SPRUC, and assist the Secretary General as appropriate, taking into consideration their gender, age, and job classification, and share the duties of the SPRUC.

6. The Auditors shall be full-time members of the Board of Directors, and may not be concurrently appointed by the Vice President, Secretary General, Vice Secretary General, or Secretary.

7. The Honorary Advisor shall be a past president of the Subcommittee.

8. The Advisor shall be a past Secretary General of the Association or a Secretary General who has served two or more terms in office.

9. Honorary Advisors may be invited from celebrities, scholars, business executives, etc.

10. The appointment and dismissal of Honorary Advisors and Advisors shall be deliberated at the Members' Representative Assembly (General Assembly), and written notification of appointment and dismissal shall be given.

Article 17 Election of Officers

The President and Vice-Presidents shall be elected at the General Membership Meeting.

2. The Secretary General and Vice Secretary General shall be appointed by the President and Vice President from among the Secretaries under the supervision of the General Assembly.

3. The Auditors shall be nominated by the President, Vice President, and Secretary General and Vice Secretary General from among the members under the supervision of the General Membership Meeting.

Article 18 Term of Office

1. The term of office for all officers shall be four (4) years, but they may continue in office until their successors are determined.

2. The term of office of a nominee for appointment shall be the remaining term of his/her predecessor.

3. The successor shall be selected 3 months prior to the end of the officer's term of office. The President may continue to serve for one term. Other officers may continue for a maximum of two terms.

In the event of a vacancy in the office of an officer, a successor shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of Article 16. However, the replacement of officers may be extended until the time of the next General Assembly for re-election.


Chapter 4: Member Representation and General Assembly

Article 20 Member Representation

1. The number of member representatives of the Sub-Committee shall be approximately 40.

2. The Member Representatives shall constitute the General Assembly, the supreme decision-making body of the Subcommittee.

3. The selection of Member Representatives is described in Chapter 5, Article 24.

Article 21. Delegate Functions and Resolutions of the Member Representatives

1. matters related to the budget, settlement of accounts, and acceptance of important donations

2. enactment, amendment, and repeal of the Statutes

3. matters of importance to the public interest

4. other important matters related to the management of the Subcommittee

Unless otherwise instructed by the Subcommittee, a quorum at the General Membership Meeting shall be a majority of those present.

Article 22 General Membership Meeting (General Assembly)

1. The General Assembly shall be convened once a year by the President.

2. The President may convene an extraordinary General Assembly when deemed necessary or when one-tenth or more of the member representatives deem it necessary.

3. The General Assembly shall be chaired by the President. However, the Vice President or the Vice Secretary General may preside as chairman at the direction of the President.

4. Delegates attending the General Assembly shall be the Secretary and enthusiastic members who have registered for at least 50% of the official events on the website and participate in at least 50% of the membership activities throughout the year.

5. Member delegates who attend the General Assembly by proxy or by letter of attorney shall also have voting rights.

The term of office of member delegates shall be as stipulated in Article 18.

chapter v. general meeting and executive committee meetings

Article 24. The Sub-Committee shall have a Board of Secretaries, where the Secretaries shall exercise their rights on behalf of the members of the Section, and the Board of Secretaries shall consist of the following members

1. Secretary General

2. Deputy Secretary General

3. Secretary

The Executive Committee shall make decisions on the affairs of the Society, and the Secretary General shall convene and preside over the meetings.

The Board of Secretaries shall deliberate the following matters and execute them under the direction of the Secretary General.

1. Advisory matters to the Board of Secretaries and the General Assembly.

2. Matters under the control of each Executive Committee member.


Chapter 6 Funding and Accounting

The financial resources of the Chapter shall be provided from the following sources

1. operating expenses (own funds such as corporate sponsorships)

2. donations from members

(3) Commission income

4. interest on funds

5. other miscellaneous income

The fiscal year of the Chapter shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31 of each year.

Article 27. The annual business plan and income and expenditure report shall be prepared by the Executive Committee at least two months prior to the start of the fiscal year, and shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval (if for any reason the General Assembly cannot be held as scheduled, it shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval first). The Executive Committee shall prepare an annual business report and a financial report within two months after the end of the fiscal year.


Chapter 7: Supplementary Provisions

Article 28. Matters not stipulated in the Constitution shall be handled in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 29. These By-Laws shall come into effect after approval by the General Assembly and after notification to and approval by the Board of Directors of the Chugoku Alumni Association, and the same shall apply to any modification thereof.

ARTICLE 30 - These By-Laws were adopted at the First Extraordinary General Meeting on July 3, 2022, and approved by the Executive Committee on July 3, 2022.



July 4, 2022.

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