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2019 China Alumni Association Annual Conference held in Beijing

On November 30, 2019, the first snowfall of this winter in Beijing ushered in the annual meeting of the Waseda University China Alumni Association Beijing General Association. The moderator, Ms. Quan Meifeng, started the annual meeting at 9:00 a.m. The representative officer of the Waseda Alumni Association, Mr. Bandai Akira, Mr. Noriaki Amano, Administrative Director of the Faculty of Education, and other representatives of Waseda University, more than 80 alumni and 8 representatives of the Beijing Tomonkai Association attended the annual meeting. Ms. Sun Xiaoyan, The president of the China alumni association, Mr. Bandai Akira of the Waseda Alumni Association, and Mr. Hirano, the president of the Beijing Tomonkai Association, delivered speeches respectively, and Secretary General Ms. Wang Weijun made the annual report of the alumni association, after which Ms. Sun and Mr. Bandai presented souvenirs respectively.

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